• Compliance Officer
  • Position: Deputy Registrar – Education
  • Job/Opportunity Number:
  • Unit/Department:
  • Organization: Real Estate Council of Ontario
  • Website: www.reco.on.ca
  • Location: Toronto
  • Term: Permanent; full-time
  • Posting Date:
  • Deadline to Apply:
  • Compensation: mid-100s

    As Ontario’s real estate regulator, RECO administers the legislation that governs the real estate industry in the province. This means that real estate registrants (often referred to as “real estate agents” by the public) must be registered under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (REBBA) in order to trade in real estate, and it is also our role to enforce this legislation that they must follow. We do this work on behalf of the Government of Ontario, protecting the public interest through a fair, safe and informed marketplace.

    RECO determines the education requirements and selects the providers to deliver training to over 100,000 people in Ontario’s real estate sector. The programs include education to become licensed (‘RegEd’), mandatory continuing education (MCE) and other continuing education for those who are registered and working in the industry. RECO’s mandate is defined in the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (REBBA).

    With just over 150 employees, RECO is a small but dynamic work environment where work-life balance is valued. A career at RECO is a challenging, satisfying and rewarding experience. We have a collegial team of employees who welcome new people and new ideas with enthusiasm and warmth. Our employees enjoy attractive benefits plans, professional development programs, advancement possibilities, and the opportunity to contribute collectively to the regulation of the real estate industry and protection of the Ontario consumer.


    The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) seeking an adult education leader for the role of Deputy Registrar-Education (DR). The DR is responsible for developing and operationalizing the education vision and overseeing the successful delivery and administration of RECO’s education program. The position exercises statutory authority as Deputy Registrar including education requirements for differing registrant classes and applicants, individual education accommodations, among others.

    the role

    Reporting to the Registrar and leading a team of 17 (5 direct reports/12 indirect), the DR must bring a combination of workplace learning experience in an environment that models best practices, and operational depth to carry out approved plans effectively and efficiently.

    RECO’s plans include creating an open, competitive market for the delivery of its ‘RegEd’ (pre-licensing) education over the next two years. Ensuring the successful transition from one current partner to multiple vendors is a key deliverable, including managing a vendor selection/accreditation process. Another immediate priority is the successful transition to a new LMS (Thinking Cap) in 2022.

    The DR position requires an individual who has designed processes to meet defined outcomes in workplace education; plays a key role recommending and implementing strategy; has experience in change leadership and applying best practices; is an excellent manager of people. The position requires executive level communication skills as the DR frequently engages senior level stakeholders internally and externally.

    Qualified candidates are likely now working in a corporate environment within a large learning and development function, or possibly with other organizations (consulting, regulatory/non-profit, or post-secondary) where there is adult education expertise.

    Specific Duties & Responsibilities
    • Business unit leadership and oversight
    • Senior level leadership and strategic direction to all education related programs, projects and initiatives critical to meeting the obligations of the Registrar
    • Oversees the administration of all education programs including development and administration of the mandatory continuing education (MCE) program and vendors and institutions designated, accredited or otherwise recognized to deliver the registration education (RegEd) program
    • Establishes policies and processes to achieve and maintain service delivery to established standards, in keeping with modern practices, continually monitoring and reporting on the performance of all aspects of education programs
    • Establish/update business unit plans to support regulatory requirements and RECO’s strategic plan
    • Establish business unit procedures, processes and management controls to administer programs
    • Set business unit performance measures
    • Develop direct report resource plan; oversee resource planning across business unit
    • Define documentation and reporting requirements and standards for scope, quality, quantity and frequency across business unit
    • Identify risk across business unit activities; oversee/direct development of business unit risk related control documents that feed into ERIM risk register
    • Recruit, select and onboard direct reports, and oversee recruitment, selection and onboarding across business unit, to support resource plan
    • Define and document direct report roles and responsibilities; oversee development of functional and team member roles and responsibilities across business unit
    • Monitor and manage performance of direct reports on a regular and ongoing basis; oversee performance management activities across business unit
    • Complete regular and ongoing people management administrative tasks
    • Actively participate in coaching and performance management activities, including setting personal goals and development plans
    • Engage in formal and informal learning opportunities that support growth in current role and career aspirations; proactively seek out opportunities to contribute to the organization
    • Demonstrate self-awareness and emotional intelligence – developed through formal training, inquiry, feedback and reflection – to be a professional, resilient, confident contributor to the organization
    • Within scope of authority, establish budget requirements to execute business and resource plans and to administer programs
    • Monitor and manage expenses; track and report against approved budgets
    • Other duties as required
    Application Process

    Interested individuals who meet the position requirements are invited to apply, in confidence, with a cover letter and résumé detailing their experience building and delivering a compelling, multi-component education vision successfully.

    The Portage Group
    Attn: Jack Shand, FCMC, Executive Partner

    RECO is committed to integration and equal opportunity, which includes accommodating the needs of persons with disabilities. The employer currently has a hybrid workplace attendance model with a minimum of one day per week in the office and the balance working remotely.

    Salary for the role is in a range based upon qualifications and market data, includes attractive benefits, and will interest individuals at or seeking a role in the mid-100s.

    We thank all applicants for their interest. Individuals selected for an interview should expect to be contacted by early May. Interviews will be conducted virtually (e.g., Zoom). Questions may be directed to recoed@portagegroup.com