MDR Public Affairs

MDR Public Affairs is a national social enterprise that provides strategic communications services and develops digital innovation solutions exclusively to organizations that improve access to education through technology, and those committed to building safer, healthier, and greener communities.

Our clients are dedicated to improving fairness in the marketplace, taking action against climate change, and advocating for equal rights and social justice.  They include:

  • Canadian regulatory bodies and organizations committed to improving professional standards

  • public health organizations

  • organizations that tackle labour market challenges through future skills development;

  • non-profit organizations that encourage sustainable infrastructure to curb climate change

  • community organizations that advocate for the rights of marginalized people

  • publicly traded corporations committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting

  • political parties and candidates whose purpose and mandates reflect our corporate mission

The associates at MDR Public Affairs are one of a kind.  Their professional backgrounds, academic achievements, and personal philosophies are inextricably connected to our corporate values.  In an increasingly intense world where breaking news never stops, it’s important to have a team that is fully engaged, remains in-tune with trends and influencers, and legitimately cares about the world in which they live.  At MDR Public Affairs, we fully recognize today’s changing socio-political climates and deliver solutions that are current, highly impactful, and relevant.

MDR Public Affairs developed and manages,;,; and the Canadian Regulatory Guide,

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