Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists

The Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists regulates the practice and continuing competency of respiratory therapists to ensure the safe delivery of care.


Respiratory Therapy has developed with the increasing sophistication of therapies directed toward cardio-pulmonary disorders. Respiratory Therapy can be defined as: “An allied health profession devoted to the scientific application of technology to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and promotion of well being of patients with respiratory disorders.

This allied health profession has been a natural evolution of an emerging technology to care for a substantial growth of patients with a diversity of respiratory problems. The correct and meaningful utilization of respiratory services in hospitals and community health care will continue to improve the provision of care to the patient. Respiratory Therapists are the primary providers of these technical and therapeutic

What are the Respiratory Therapists credentials?

The Registered Respiratory Therapist (R.R.T.) is a graduate of an accredited educational program who has successfully passed the Canadian Board for Respiratory Care registration examination in respiratory therapy. Registered Respiratory Therapists practising in Manitoba are licensed annually by the Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists.

The respiratory therapist’s practise is governed by guidelines prescribed through Standards of Practise, ethical conduct codes, organizational policies and legal requirements.

Where Respiratory Therapists work

Tertiary Hospitals

Community Hospitals
Chronic Care Facilities
Home Care Agencies
Private Medical Supply Companies
Pulmonary Function Labratories
Community Health Agencies
Research Facilities

Duties of a Respiratory Therapist

Mechanical Ventilation Management
Oxygen Therapy
Aerosol Medication Therapy
Medical Gas Therapy
Airway Management
Pulmonary Function Testing
Patient and Care Giver Education
Blood Gas Sampling and Analysis
Cardiorespiratory Monitoring
Ground and Air Transport of the critically ill
Anaesthesia Assistance
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Respiratory Care Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Hospital areas requiring our services

Adult/Child/Newborn Medical and Surgical Intensive Care
Emergency Department
Labour and Delivery (Mother and Newborn)
Medical and Surgical Wards
Anaesthesia Department
Pulmonary Function Laboratory

Private Sector areas requiring our services

Patient and Care Giver Education

Product Service

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