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Benard + Associates

With a focus on professional regulation and workplace disputes, Benard + Associates developed their specialty, and has remained focused on these two complimentary areas of practice. With this decision to remain focused on these key areas of practice, Benard + Associates has become known across Canada for its expertise and practical solutions to meeting the needs of its diverse client group. In the years since the addition of Brenda Benard in 2013, her vision and guidance of our operations has allowed the company to reach new heights. Dean and Brenda work together to further develop and refine innovative solutions and practical approaches to everything we do. In 2019 the company celebrated 15 years in business, and Brenda, Dean, and the Benard + Associates team are excited at what the future holds and the positive impact we will continue to have for our clients and the public in general.

Benard + Associates started by delivering the very best regulatory investigations in the industry. We provide investigation services for over 90% of Ontario’s health regulatory bodies as well as several non-health regulatory bodies both in Ontario and across Canada. Our investigations look at complaints and reports of alleged professional misconduct, and incompetence or incapacity by members of various professions.
Investigation in the area of professional regulation requires specialized knowledge of applicable legislation and the ability to apply investigation techniques fairly and in an unbiased manner. Members of professions that are regulated have obligations to meet standards of practice and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the traditions and expectations of their profession. When accusations are made of failing to meet those expectations, a lot is on the line for both the accuser and the professional. Our job is to ensure that all relevant information is obtained so reasonable decisions can be made while at the same time, no matter what the outcome, all parties are confident the investigation was fair.


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