• Director, Operations Excellence
  • Position: Director, Finance
  • Job/Opportunity Number: 21-04
  • Unit/Department: Finance
  • Organization: Technical Safety BC
  • Website: www.technicalsafetybc.ca
  • Location: Vancouver
  • Term: Permanent; full-time
  • Posting Date:
    March 6, 2021
  • Deadline to Apply: January 23, 2021
  • Compensation:

    Technical Safety BC (formerly BC Safety Authority) is an independent, self-funded organization that oversees the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment across the province. In addition to issuing permits, licenses and certificates, we work with industry to reduce safety risks through assessment, education and outreach, enforcement, and research. Through simplification of our initiatives we promote understanding and engagement, making safety accessible to everyone. As society changes, we create and adopt new ideas, skills, and tools that will enable us to meet the safety challenges of a highly-connected world.

    To learn about professional licensing and regulatory bodies and their consumer protection mandate, visit the Canadian Regulatory Guide.


    We’re always looking for exceptional people to bring new ideas, fresh thinking and the motivation to help shape the safety system in B.C. We are strongly committed to fostering diversity within our community. Technical Safety BC welcomes those who would contribute to further diversifying our organization, as we are an equal opportunity employer.

    Our values guide our work.

    • We See Genius in Diversity
    • We Foster Confidence
    • We Make the Complex Simple
    • We Adapt
    Principal Accountabilities

    1. Continuous Improvement: Lead and continuously improves the financial systems for the processing of all financial transactions (i.e. EnerGov as it relates to revenues and A/R, Great Plains, Adaptive, Chromeriver, PO system.), including development and implementation of the chart of accounts and reporting structure, to ensure the integrity of the systems and the meaningfulness of data reported from it. This responsibility includes the accountability of ensuring data integrity and reporting to VP finance on ways to ensure data integrity is a suitably high priority across the organization. Links desired outcomes for TSBC’s strategic goals to a appropriate measures and measurement systems. Provides analytical key performance indicators (KPIs) to Leaders for accurate and timely financial reporting on financial results to assist with budget monitoring, forecasting and decision making, and to Executive for budget oversight. Accountable for identifying efficiencies in processes and service delivery in the Procurement and Contract Management.

    2. Pricing Frameworks: Partner with Product team to validates and implements innovative pricing frameworks for new and existing service offerings and client types. The pricing frameworks are designed so that they positively impact customers’ perceptions of value and are linked to safety risk levels. Facilitates implementation of pricing changes with Finance and Operations employees.

    3. Business Plan and Budgeting Processes: Leads the financial and measurement component of the 3 year business plan process and publication. Coordinates the entire business plan process on behalf of TSBC. Oversees the annual operating budget process for the organization (including development of the process, collating the submissions, comparing to strategic/ business plans, preparation and presentation of the submission for Leaders and ultimately monthly monitoring) to ensure that forecasted and actual expenses achieve the business objectives consistent with the strategic plan. Educates and coaches leaders on the business planning and budgeting processes.

    4. Financial Statement Preparation Overview: Consistent with generally accepted accounting principles for not for profit organizations, provides accurate and timely financial reporting to TSBC leader’s, prepares the MD&A, oversees the external audit process including the preparation of the notes to the financial statements. In addition, this role is responsible for the preparation of board reports such as the quarterly financial highlights.

    5. Payroll: Oversees TSBC’s payroll function and protects our value by keeping information confidential, and be accountable to establish a strong payroll team and ensure the accuracy of all the calculation and pay out.

    6. Financial and Cost Analysis: Provides expertise in cost and financial analytics to influence corporate decisions on goals, initiatives, and services. Conducts the appropriate level of analysis on the impact of various combinations of systems, human resource, and financial investments on strategic goals. Provides financial analysis/expertise/advice to Leaders and/or projects throughout the organization to ensure that operating decisions are based on sound business principles and to assist in the achievement of business objectives consistent with the strategic plan.

    7. Policies: Ensures the financial policy is current and policies are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure financial policies reflect current business practices.

    8. Trend Analysis: Oversees trend analysis for business performance, economic factors, industry performance, and markets to contribute to corporate and financial forecasting and client analysis. Provide revenue forecasting and analysis to support the business outlook for the company to Executives

    9. Capital Planning: Leads the capital planning processes for the organization, especially for major capital project, including the development of the process, coaching/assisting the budget holders, and preparation of board summary documents.

    10. Investment Management: Oversees TSBC’s investment ensuring they are properly managed and generated expected return. In addition, oversee and facilities the develop of investment policy and strategy to maximize our value.

    11. Risk Management: Increase TSBC’s understanding and control of financial risks resulting from systems, and economic, and industry shifts. Leads in the development of control plan and practices to manage these risk. In addition, coaching financial leaders on corporate insurance purchase and renewal

    12. Procurement: Drives a culture of constant adaptability by working with Leaders and Directors across the organization to ensure a holistic view at identifying enhancements and improvements to the TSBC’s procurement function

    13. Employee Management/Employee and Labour Relations: Manages employees; including recruitment, selection, employee and labour relations, and performance management. Selection of employees includes interviewing applicants and determining who will be hired. Performance Management includes planning, assigning and monitoring employees’ activities; initiating and applying corrective performance measures, including counselling, training, and disciplining employees up to and including suspensions from employment, as well as recommending more serious disciplinary actions, including termination of employment. Develops and administers work and performance measurements and standards for employees. Identifies when an individual or group of individuals are not demonstrating appropriate commitment to the business plan and recommends a course of action.

    Knowledge, Skills & Experience
    • University degree in Business, Accounting or equivalent
    • CPA designation or equivalent
    • 10+ years of extensive financial management experience, including budgeting, reporting and analysis, and full cycle financial operations.
    • In-depth knowledge in investment and corporate insurance management.
    • Previous experience in procurement oversight and familiar with procurement related regulations.
    • Practical knowledge in payroll and contractor management.
    • Experience in planning, developing, implementing and monitoring financial controls, policies and procedures.
    • Experience in implementing and altering financial systems and procedures.
    • Demonstrated experience providing financial advice to achieve optimum allocation of financial resources.
    • Demonstrated leadership skills.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as presentation skills, to be able to have impact and influence with a diverse group of individuals with varied levels of financial/business backgrounds.
    • Expert knowledge of Not for Profit Accounting Standards
    • Experience in leading change in financial management